Western game based on playing cards to control your cowboy. In this game both hands are in a cycle: after using a card it is immediately given to your opponent, so be careful of your every move.

How to play

In-game tutorial

The Cards

You have a total of  3 cards, each card has a direction of movement (represented by an arrow) and can shoot either backwards or forwards (represented by the cowboy).

This card moves your cowboy to the right and makes him shoot forward

Your Turn

When you have a full hand (3 cards) you can either play or discard any of them. When you play a card your cowboy will move in the direction specified and then shoot either backwards or forwards. If you choose to discard a card you won't move nor shoot, but your remaining two cards will be changed for completely new ones. 

Drag a card and drop it in the green section to play it; drop it in the red one to discard it.

Whenever you use a card (playing it or discarding it) you will end your turn and give said card to your opponent.

PvP and PvE

The game offers two modes: playing against a friend locally or against the a computer. When playing with a friend, give him the mouse on his turn and he'll be able to play the cards that are on the other side.  When playing against the computer, just remember that the AI is pretty dumb, so don't expect him to make the play of the century.


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Cool mechanics, with some nice graphics. Took me a while to get used to how the cards move about, maybe a cycling animation?