Steer with arrow keys, avoid the edges.


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This is a tough one! What if you warped to the other side of the screen when you get to an edge, as in asteroids?


This is such a cool concept, I love how the rocket drifts when changing directions! I think that one design choice adds a ton to the feel of the game. I really respect how well thought out each mechanic is; the boxes bounce instead of going off screen so that the player can't sit and wait for debris to go away, the out of bounds box is a bit bigger than the screen to give the player some wiggle room, the player can hold a move key to get a specific direction or spam-tap a key to get a really large turn. You could totally make a whole game out of this idea, maybe a scrolling game like Gradius or some kind of bullet-hell, but what you have here is a really fun core idea. Awesome work man.

My high score is 9... I may suck at this game lol.

Thanks man! I think the mechanic has potencial, but I'm struggling to make it more beginner friendly. It's just so hard!